Loonsong aspires to be a destination for women who want to reconnect with the self and with each other or for women needing respite from the demands of life. As women we have a need to come together in community to honor and celebrate the unfolding of our lives and to share this through our stories. Consider coming to Loonsong……alone or with sisters and friends………for a day, for a weekend, for a planned program or for one of your own design. Look over the menu of programs offered or ask your body/mind what it needs and listen closely for the answer.


Massage Therapy by registered Massage Therapist, Kathi Ryan, is always available during a stay at Loonsong. Beginning in the spring of 2013 Kathi will be offering treatments in her beautiful treatment room surrounded by trees and immersed in quiet. One can make a day, a weekend or longer out of this experience by coming with friends, enjoying walks to Salsman park, yoga/dance in the studio, enriching conversation, wonderful food and a deep softening of Body, Mind and Spirit. Time away in this natural environment can fully revitalize a body and soul.

Opportunities to move the Nia Technique with Kathi are available upon request and often this happens spontaneously. Nia is a barefoot practice and when done on soft grass overlooking the river it is a delightful experience.

Flanked by soft hills that echo the call of the owls and loons, Loonsong’s location is on the Country Harbour River in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. Although not too far to travel one gets the sense of being “away’ and this gift alone is enough to create a deep interior shift.

We look forward to your visit.

Kathi Ryan RMT