On the edge of the Country Harbour River in Nova Scotia, hemmed by soft hills that echo the call of owls and loons,  you will find a small sanctuary called Loonsong. The river is tidal, reminding me daily of how life is movement and change. Different daily, hourly and seasonally.

Loonsong was created in order to share with others. Many plans and dreams fell away as the years in progress revealed things previously unknown and through this I learned many things; largely to move out of the way and to surrender to some higher wisdom, to come to the understanding that Loonsong was organic in its creation and that it would become what it was meant to be. Life became a matter of trust; clearly holding the vision and keeping faith alive brings me to now, 10 years from conception and in a whole new reality.

I will be grateful when there are small groups gathered here again for magic to happen. I intend for this to be a place where play is paramount and sharing can go deep. Through art, music and movement, writing, conversation, forays into nature and the sharing of healthy food we will feel a sense of belonging again and our hearts will expand.

I look forward to your visit.

Kathi Ryan RMT