A Weekend for Women Retreat

Date  October 20, 2012    Option to stay overnight

Hosted By  Nancy Macfarlane, Spice of Life and Kathi Ryan RMT,  Loonsong

This Retreat, one day or two, is about nurturing the goddess within you and gifting her with all things that make her smile. Each participant will have a personal consultation with Nancy to create the ultimate essential oil massage blend unique to you and to later be used for your massage.

Country Harbour is a feminine and nurturing place and this is a stunning time of year to slow down and appreciate its beauty.  There will be time to walk, to breathe in deep the stillness and to enjoy relaxed and easy conversation with women. We will feast on delicious and simple food and share the moment.  It is all about you and what you need in order to return to your world re-charged and revitalized.

Should you choose to stay overnight we include a beautiful dinner and a relaxing evening with foot care on the agenda…….a soak with essential oils to aid sleep and a 30 min. foot massage. Plan on a weekend designed to re-charge your being and enable you to go home and give once again from a full place.

Consultation, Personalized Oil Blend and One Hour Massage – $150.00 plus tax

Food, Accommodation and Services – Fee by donation

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