The Place

The intention of Loonsong is to provide a safe and comfortable place for women to gather and learn, to grow and to share what is unfolding in their lives. Allowing time and space to fully engage and connect with our deep inner wisdom we remember our true purpose and what it means to be fully alive in our bodies and hearts. Loonsong offers  holistic programs, workshops and retreats with the focus on reclaiming the self which include opportunities that allow us to be together and create something of beauty simply by creating community.  Loonsong is  affiliated with many gifted individuals willing to share their talents and wisdom and are able to accommodate and support personal customized retreats for women’s groups as well as for the individual.


The simplicity of Loonsong is intentional, a reminder of how sweet it can be. Loonsong Cottage has a no-smoking and no-scent policy inside all of its buildings.

Life As Art Movement Studio

The studio is a dual purpose space which can be used for movement as well as any activity which requires tables or seating set-up.


Loonsong Cottage is nestled in a beautiful wood with a brook on either side of it. The larger one empties into the Country Harbour River which has access for kayaking or canoeing. Salsman Provincial Park is a 5 min. walk and has  a swimming beach, a picnic park and a beautiful knoll overlooking the river which calls one to yoga or qigong. The Atlantic coast with its beautiful beaches and provincial parks are within 20-40 min. drives from the cottage. This is an undeveloped area of the province so there are few amenities. Two small convenience stores and gas pumps are close by but anything larger for food and supplies is in Sherbrooke which is a 25 min. drive. Come prepared with what you may need.

The food we serve is simple, vegetarian, locally sourced and organic when possible.  It is  important that we know ahead of time of any food sensitivities you may have. The option to provide your own food is always there and the cottage is equipped with the basic condiments.

Our philosophy is one of simplicity and ease.
Plan to relax deeply during your stay and to leave fully rejuvenated.
We look forward to entering into relationship
with all who come to Loonsong.

In Love and Light