The Principles of Nia

From the marital arts the Nia uses principles and concepts from Tae kwon Do, Tai chi and Aikido.

Tae Kwon Do gives Nia the guts that balance the grace; it brings a powerful spirit. A power that comes from conscious and decisive action that positively affirms oneself in the world. Tai chi, gives Nia the focus on slowing down moving with ease and grace. This form inspired the founders to move in bare feet. Aikido gives Nia the way of harmony, it encourages peaceful resolution and to observe how you to harmonize and blend with others around you.

From the dance arts Nia uses principles and concepts from Duncan dance, modern dance and jazz dance.

Duncan dance gives Nia freedom for each participant to move in their own unique way, using imagination and visualization. Modern dance gives a Nia participant an opportunity to play with balance, and emphasizes creative exploration. Jazz gives Nia the sense of spontaneity and fun, getting the steps right is not the focus, the enjoyment of moving is.

From the healing arts Nia uses the principles and concepts from Feldenkrais, Alexander and Yoga.

Feldenkrais gives Nia the art of sensory awareness, participants learn to sense what is happening in their body as they move and adopt physical habits that support the health of the body. Alexander technique gives Nia a safe way to use the head in fitness. Attention to the use of the head moves energy to support lightness and ease in the movement. Yoga gives Nia the awareness of how posture is related to wellness, proper alignment of the bones and how the mind exists within the body.