Antigonish Nia Classes

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Below you will find a schedule of Nia classes and events hosted in Antigonish.  Please contact us with any questions or for class registration.

ST F.X. Millennium Center Dance Studio

  • Classes to resume in September

St. James United Church Hall in Antigonish

  • Summer Nia   Mondays    9:30-10:30

As a student you are able to choose which energy to use in each moment depending on sensations in your body /mind and thus you become a CPT or Conscious Personal Trainer of your own workout. This is how we honor the body in each moment.

At times we have all experienced not feeling ‘up’ for our usual workout and with the ability to choose the level you work out at you are able to create the right ‘shift’ in your energy body through sensations and listening to the voices of your body and  sensing what it needs to maintain, develop and heal.