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One of the beautiful things about trying to create better balance in our lives is that our life and our ability to ‘check in’ provides the perfect canvas on which to practice. Each moment, as we juggle the demands of our day, we have the opportunity to quick-scan the Body in order to ‘sense’ how the current decision or activity ‘feels’. No more than that, just simple observation without judgement. At the end of a day one would be able to access just how balanced our lives feel. How many times was it a heavy feeling in your gut about the direction you are in and how many times did you smile and say YES inside? The test is simple and the Body never lies.

Learning how to ‘sense’ into the Body also takes time and trusting that what you feel is accurate. We have been conditioned to rely on our minds to give us all the answers and certainly engaging the mind is a good thing but there are times when our brain is not our best ally. Our feeling body, that space between our throat and our pubic bone, is where we should go to seek important truths. When learning this skill it requires stillness and quiet as you learn to determine sensation within. Over time one becomes very quick at sensing into the body and then knowing what is truth for them. Sensation takes many forms, from heat or cold, heavy or light, fluttery or sharp. It is anything you ‘feel’. These sensations are accompanied by a ‘felt sense’ about what is right for you in the moment.

Good balance in life means different things to different people. There is also balance to be had in your internal world and external world which are very different. There is your job, your family, your obligations and then there is your heart, your soul and your body all needing something from you as well.  How do we accomplish all this so that we move through our world grounded, calm and full of joy? Attention. Awareness. Practice. Bringing in the Fourth Agreement I will add Always Do Your Best. It is all we have.

On September 20, 2014 Loonsong is offering a Yoga & Nia Retreat with the focus on Balance. When our bodies are balanced so too does our world feel a more balanced place to live.