Choosing for the Self

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I share this experience of my life because the act of conscious choice  has been the greatest tool in my toolbox for life. It is such a simple tool, requiring not much more effort than the best you have in any given moment. This means it can be minimal effort since it is not about the effort but about the choice along with intention and the fact that you have made it. When you choose for you, the entire being, this essence that it is you, lights up with the awareness of love being directed and delivered straight to the source. Subtle yes but no less profound in its effect. It might be a choice as simple as, No, instead of going to the staff party because I am exhausted and feel totally obliged to do so, I am going to put on my pajamas and crawl into bed with a cup of tea and the wonderful book I am absorbed with. What a message of love you have delivered to yourself. What beautiful healing commences, unaware as you may be of the cascade of loving energy that is now flowing to all parts of your body/spirit. Surrendering into the peace and solace of self-care.

So simple. So hard by times. We are not given permission to pamper. What decadence is this? Is it? In my world I have experienced that the more I open to giving to myself, the more I give myself permission to slip into this soft place of loving kindness, the more I have to give away. My cup runneth over. Everyone benefits. I would say it requires that perceptual shift, taking the immediate thought response from, “that would be selfish” to “Yes, that would serve all of us better.” Who does not feel that they would like more energy to give to those who clamour for our attention (kids/parents/partner) or are in need? Tis the season. Rather than deplete yourself in the quest to be of service to everyone in your world, try making you number one, in small and simple ways, and see if it works for you, if see if you experience a richer form of joy and contentment within which to operate from. Start small, small is beautiful, and like any muscle stretching and growing into new form this will become easier. As you sense the benefits of which I speak you will not look back. You will experience a new vitality, one born of pure self compassion and self love and like the young child who is offered unconditional love by all, you will begin to thrive.

Best of the holiday season to you all. May it carry you through the long dark winter and into a new way of being and creating in the world. Me? I have chosen, for myself, to spend this winter in warmth, probably one of the wiser and more loving decisions of my life. I can only imagine how this will manifest outwardly to others, my blissful contentedness flowing out to all in its path. I hope to engage more with writing but will let that idea unfold as it will.  I am grateful to all who have registered on the Loonsong site and I apologize if your expectations have been disappointing.