Creativity at the Core

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I think that each of us, as living, breathing, bleeding, feeling, conscious beings, have an innate need to create with our hands, our minds, our bodies and our lives. It is connected to our curiosity, our imagination and our desire to explore what is possible. We are born with this innate sense and ability to explore and discover the world around us and our bodies are designed to enable this process. The intricacies of the bodies design allow us to work with our hands to create delicate and minute masterpieces and to shape our bodies in a million different ways. As children we are intimately connected to that creative spirit and, with proper support, are encouraged to explore the realms of our imagination as well as our bodies.  This was the most raw, unfiltered, expressive and liberating time of our lives and this changes as we age and we are told that creativity will not support us and if we are a woman, were told not to move our hips quite so much. Instead were  encouraged to reach for that future which will give us the greatest financial security in exchange for our time. Our creative self is tucked away and, if not periodically stimulated, often lost within the confines of adulthood.

Now to my theory . I think that, unknowingly, we have replaced that need and desire to create something  with shopping.  Perhaps the temporary ‘high’ we get from purchasing something is akin to that satisfaction we have when we make something. We stand there holding our new purchase and can say  “look what I did.” The difference of course, is that the’ high’ we get from buying something is fleeting at best and so in order to satisfy that urge we do it again…..and again in an attempt to fill a void that exists for us but are unable to name it.  Meanwhile our lives become filled with stuff that we do not need or even care about and the vicious cycle of consumerism has its hold on our lives. When we create something with our own hands that is beautiful and useful and we can see it or use it every day then we experience that satisfaction again and again with the same object.

At  Loonsong we celebrate and honor the artist in everyone and encourage that part of you that may be longing to unleash that long lost creative self. We offer this opportunity through workshops like Basket Making and a movement and lifestyle practice called Nia. With the holidays fast approaching it is a good time to consider making a gift for someone special to you and maybe that someone special is yourself.

On October 26th we have a Basket workshop with 2 spaces left to fill and then again on Nov. 9 we have 5-6 spaces.  This will be the first workshop offered in the new Life As Art Studio. I think in every Basket workshop we have done at Loonsong at one point in the weekend someone announces that they “have always wanted to make a basket.” It always takes my breath away because it feels as though dreams are being fulfilled. What could be more satisfying than that? Have you always wanted to make a basket? Please visit the website to view the short U-tube video of a past Basket Workshop. For more information or to register please contact through email or by phone.