Dancing Through Life




One of the 13 principles of the Nia White Belt training is Dancing through Life. Dancing Through Life is simply sensing movement, any movement we make, as pleasure. This dance of life cannot be confined to any specific class or space as it requires the largest possible stage: life itself. It is a system for enjoying life in the human body and actively integrating healthy movement into every aspect of living, from the mundane to the profound. The movements are based on the Body’s Way but its forms of expression are limitless.

The act of swinging your arms while walking might be identical to a move you make in Nia class. Nia is not separate from life or from the body. It is the body in action. So how do you begin? Simply by choosing to be alive in your own body and not divorced from it. When you do this you will become connected, not just to your body but to your very existence on this earth on which your life is unfolding. As you begin to employ the techniques of Nia and to experience the sensation of full-being co- operation, your body will guide you, by itself, toward balance, awareness, stillness, movement and inspiration. It will lead you towards the most comfortable postures and the most efficient ways of moving. You will wake up and instead of being driven by long-standing habits, you begin to change these conditional responses into conscious actions.

Most of us are aware that our attitudes affect our bodies but are you aware that the converse is also true; that our bodies influence our attitudes. When the body comes fully alive and abundantly aware, your general attitude toward life will become more serene and you will discover mental and emotional strengths that you did not know you had. You will begin to experience Joy with a capital J- the universal Joy that transcends personal joy.

This ascension to a higher physical and mental plane requires practice, that of integrating Nia movements into your everyday movements, how you open a door, the way you dress, the depth and breadth of the hugs you share. With dedication, the rewards of this work can be astonishing, something we refer to as body wisdom which leads to peak mental and emotional function.

Begin by stepping in. Leave behind distractions and allow your awareness to drop down, out of your mind and into your center. That is the place from which we move, connected to the inside while maintaining awareness of the space around us. Be in the state of RAW, relaxed, alert and waiting. Listen, smell the moment, sense ease in your body.

On March 14, 7:00-9:00 at the St. James United Church in Antigonish I will be offering a Playshop on the Nia Technique. We will learn a beautiful body of work with the focus on Unity and Self-healing. The routine we learn this night will be the same routine offered each Wednesday night at 5:15 at St. James beginning on March 19. In this way you will be able to fully embody what you learn in the Playshop.

For further information visit the FaceBook page for Nia Antigonish or go to www.loonsongcottageretreat.ca.

” Nia really captures the spirit of ‘dance like no one is watching’…It is a great program. It’s fun, the music is great, it’s individualized for whatever level of movement, ability and coordination you do or don’t have.  The hour flies by and when I’m finished each class I feel like I’ve moved my body in so many different and wonderful ways.  I always feel rejuvenated physically and mentally after my Nia class”…