Defining Retreat

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Retreat is defined as a period of quiet rest and contemplation in a secluded place and is intended to offer the individual the length of time and space necessary to gain perspective on any given situation. Reflection and clarity come with greater ease when we have the opportunity to slow down the pace at which we move through our life.  Breathing slows and the incessant chaos in the life of our mind subsides as we inhale the wonder and beauty of stillness around us. The sound of the wind in the trees or water lapping on the shore is the music that grows louder as we strip away the layers of our stress and are touched by the divine in nature. Retreat and traveling inward to the core of ourselves can give us the perspective that no amount of staying in the same place and thinking about it can ever offer.  Being present to self and aware of the inner movements of our hearts and minds is more available to us when we can be still.

Loonsong Cottage Retreat is only 45 min. from Antigonish and offers this opportunity to individuals or small groups. The physical ‘place’ of Loonsong has a healing magic of its own, the ability to hold process in a loving and nurturing way. The natural  surroundings, which include woods, a babbling brook with large sitting stones, a tidal river,  beach and a provincial park for walking and picnics, are partners in any retreat experience at Loonsong.   Agenda or no agenda. You get to choose. Along with the unseen powers that reside there you have also the choice for Movement Therapy and Bodywork. There is a tremendous healing opportunity when we combine the physical movement of the body and its  energy field with the hands-on manipulation of tissue, fluid and muscle through Massage. Any  ‘issue’ we are attempting to gain clarity on will reveal itself by being present to the Body and the voices of the body and by softening the hard shell that we become when we experience stress for any period of time.

Loonsong is seasonal and will reopen in May of 2014. It is not too early to begin to plan for yourself, maybe you with friends. There are workshops you can choose from or you can design your own personal retreat. Women coming together in retreat is transformational on so many levels. We remember what it feels like to be truly supported in this company and how important it is to share and to give the gift of time to ourselves. Women leave Loonsong fully revitalized and go out to share this lovely light with others and in this way, one at a time, we heal ourselves and we heal the planet.

Please open up a conversation around planning your own experience or check the website for what is happening in the future. There are several retreats planned for May of 2014. Hope to see you there.