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Many factors contribute to the need of our bodies to de-clutter and spring clean……..just like the house we live in, the body is our home and experiences many of the same effects that a house does during the winter months. Imprisoned by heavy clothing, ingesting  richer, fattier foods and being more sedentary all contribute to the bodies systems becoming sluggish and feeling heavy.  In the same way we desire to open all the windows in our home and let the breeze blow clean fresh air through it our bodies are asking for that same breath of fresh air. Spring is the perfect time to detoxify body and spirit.

Toxicity is a major concern now as we are exposed to new and stronger chemicals, more air and water pollution and more radiation. We use more medications, ingest chemicals from our food supply, eat too many refined foods and daily add various stimulants and sedatives as a matter of course. Toxicity enduced diseases are on the rise and even ailments we consider common, such as headaches, fatigue, pain, coughs, gastrointestinal problems and immune weakness can all be related to toxicity. The more toxic we become the less able our systems are to maintain good function resulting in more fluid in our tissues with the lymphatic system unable to keep up with the overload. Proper elimination of these toxins are critical to our health. Even our thoughts, emotions and stress itself generate increased biochemical toxicity.

Other toxins, metabolic waste produced by our body through its normal everyday functions also become body burdens. These all create substances that need to be eliminated and when unable to do this they build up and negatively affect the body’s metabolism causing irritation and inflammation of the cells and tissues. This blocks normal functioning on a cellular, organ and whole-body level.

To put it simply: A toxin is any substance that creates harmful effects in the body, undermining our heath and stressing our biochemical and organ functions. a list of toxin promoting factors:

  • A deficient diet, unbalanced meals, “fast food”
  • Poor digestion, sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function
  • Poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract and skin
  • The increase of chemical agents in cleaning products
  • The hormonal imbalance of meats
  • The consumption of saturated fats in excess, the over-consumption of animal proteins and refined foods
  • Over-consumption of refined white sugar and white flour
  • The consumption of drugs(prescription and recreational), stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine and tobacco
  • A sedentary way of life
  • Air and water pollution, irradiation, elctro-magnetic fields, dust, exhaust etc.
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Noise
  • Stress


A cleanse or detox helps to strengthen the eliminative organs of the body. These are the skin, the lymphatic system, liver, lungs and kidneys and when functioning well, do this on a daily basis. A detox will set you on a path to excellent health and help your body to function optimally. A detox works on several levels:

  • Allows one to extract and recuperate the maximum level of healthy functioning from the whole body.
  • Allows the individual to tune into their body and how it works and reacts, prompting them to become aware of its functioning
  • It serves to eliminate indistinct symptoms, the discomforts directly related to a general overload because of the accumulation of toxins, revealing problems which could turn out to be more severe in the long term if not addressed.
  • It restores the movement which generates health because it restarts the system as a whole by provoking a reaction of the organs which will unload the toxins and will therefore be renewed.
  • It serves to stop the process of deterioration and to prevent the deep installation of disease
  • It allows for better use of nutrients and supplements being ingested because the body is now more capable of absorption
  • It prepares the body to regain a maximal function which allows it to respond more adequately to any future therapeutic treatments


The specific goals of detoxing are going to be different for each body as it depends on the state of health at which they enter in. It is always best to work with a professional to help assess the bodies particular needs. There are many therapeutic supplements and modalities that can enhance the detoxification process and should be considered. However, one can simply give their bodies systems a rest which allows for healing by adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Eat three healthy and simple meals daily
  • Avoid fried foods, fast food, deli meats and fatty meats
  • Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, sugar, sweet desserts soft drinks, chocolate and alcohol
  • Avoid milk and dairy products such as cheeses, yogurt, creme and butter
  • Favor fresh organic foods such as vegetables raw or steamed, sprouts, fresh fruit
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily
  • Exercise regularly, preferable outside. Walking 20-30 min. would be good
  • Go to bed early and rest when the body requires it.

It is important to understand that positive thinking is a source of healing and well-being. This is a simple way we can daily enhance our life by daily attending to our thoughts and actions. a few ways to feed the inner being:

  • Laughter feeds the spleen
  • Joy feeds the lungs
  • Cultivating our roots and being on good terms with our family feeds the kidneys
  • Assertion and communication feed the liver
  • Peace, rest and meditation are food for the heart


This is a week of being professionally and compassionately supported while you undergo the process of renewing yourself. It is a challenge to undertake a journey of this magnitude while attempting to maintain our normal lives. Allow yourself to surrender to our expert care and guidance, the whole of you supported as you cleanse and lighten your being. For more information go to:



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