Directions to Loonsong


Civic Address: #15802 Route 316 Cameron Loop
Cell phone : 902 318-5410

From New Glassgow:

  • From HWY 104, take Exit 26 (Thorburn).
  • At the Country Market take the right fork on Route 347 to Sherbrooke.
  • Stay on this road until you come to a stop sign. It will feel like a long way. This stop sign is Route 7. Turn Right. (There is a large blue house on the right, which is a good landmark for your return trip.)
  • Follow Route 7 for about 8 kms
  • You will come to a sign that reads Goldboro and Country Harbour. Turn Left. (You are following all signs to Goldboro.) Travel nine miles.
  • You will come to a stop sign at the end of this road. This is Route 316. Turn Right.
  • Travel through Middle Country Harbour and Country Harbour Mines and look for the sign on the left that reads Cameron Loop. The civic address is not visible from Route 316 but it is 15802 so you can begin to notice the civic numbers when you get close. Take the Cameron Loop and you will see a large P asking that you park on the side of the road. The civic # is visible from this point. If you pass the Salsman picnic park and campground then you have just passed Cameron Loop by a little bit.
  • You will see a small white and black sign of the Loonsong logo before each turn along the route and the last one at Cameron Loop.

From Antigonish:

  • Travel south towards Sherbrooke on Route 7
  • Just past Lochaber Lake, turn left to Goshen on Route 276.
  • Follow Route 276 until you get to Goshen which is the first intersection you will come to and just beyond a Community Hall. This is Route 316 to Goldboro
  • Turn right onto Route 316 and you are on the road to Loonsong!
  • Go through Middle Country Harbour and then Country Harbour Mines.
  • Look for Cameron Loop on the left just after the Country Harbour Mines sign. Civic # 15802 is not visible from Route 316 but you can watch the civic #’s to get a sense when you are close. Take Cameron Loop, park at the P sign along the side of the road.
  • If you reach the Salsman picnic park and campground you have just passed Cameron Loop by a little bit.

From Cape Breton:

  • Take left off of highway onto Rt. 316 towards Goshen and follow all the way to the crossroads at Goshen. The road sign before it reads Goldboro and it is a continuation of 316. Take left there and follow same as directions from Antigonish.
  • You will see a small black and white sign with the Loonsong logo before each turn along your way.

Happy travels!

Things to bring for comfort’s sake:

  • Some tips regarding things to bring for your own comfort while at Loonsong:
  • Slippers or comfy indoor shoes
  • Your own pillow if sleeping in a new place is a challenge for you
  • Waking shoes (and a spare set if there is rain in the forecast)
  • Insect protection
  • Sun protection
  • Swimsuit
  • Book or journal
  • Handiwork or project you might enjoy working on
  • Raincoat or windbreaker
  • Hat or umbrella if there is rain in the forecast
  • Earplugs
  • Favourite treats
  • Your open heart
  • No scents please

Loonsong is located a 5 min. walk from Salsman picnic Park and Campground in Country Harbour. The walking is excellent and there is both a great swimming beach and boating access on Country Harbour River for canoes and kayaks. Feel free to bring your own watercraft for this beautiful experience. The cottage is nestled in a beautiful wooded area with a brook that invites one to sit and listen. Bring what you need to be comfortable.

Cell phone service is available for those with Bell but not Rodgers. There is a pay phone at the picnic park which is usable in all months. There are 2 convenience stores nearby and the one you pass en route is a NSLC outlet. They are small and carry few amenities. Come prepared with what you need.


For directions to Loonsong Cottage Retreat, you can download a pdf for text directions.

Alternatively you can find us on Google Maps.