Embracing the Dark

Posted on in Lifestyle.

I remember the first winter I spent in the east, where the seasons are clearly defined,  the sensation of my body knowing that the seasons and the human body share a rhythm that has since, become essential to me. Even before I experienced it there was a longing, a memory of something missing for me. I did not belong to southern California and the endless stream of sun and dry. At the age of nineteen I moved across the country and have felt ‘home’ ever since.

As we approach the shortest and darkest days of the year, challenging for so many of us, I always find comfort in the knowledge that my body appreciates this time. Slowing down and taking time to go inside becomes the comfort I seek and the fullness I sense in my being. The colder, darker days supports this simple act of rest and makes room for reflection and the shifts that can happen for us if we allow time to open ourselves to the mystery. Each of us have the ability to shift our perception around any situation, including how we ‘view’ this season and its inherent darkness.

As humans we possess both the light and the dark, our illuminated self and our shadow side. It is always in the balance of the two sides that we find harmony. In order to accept the dark as it dominates this particular time of our lives, we need to first accept this within ourselves, to grow comfortable with the fact that we own both. If we can look at the whole of ourselves with the light of love in our hearts then we can more easily accept the dark side of the seasons as purposeful. Just as our shadow side has its role in balancing our nature, winter plays its role of balancing the seasons of our lives.

Embrace this season. Let your light, which is always present in you, shine your love to all whom you come in contact with during this season. This simple act of giving your light away will come back to you over and over again and be the sustenance that will see you through. Each day longer by minutes…….spring is on its way to once again to create the internal harmony that our bodies crave.