Hammock Sleeping

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I began sleeping in a Mayan hammock about 20 years ago when I discovered that in waking up I was able to stand tall with no stiffness in my lower back which, out of a bed, always had me moving around for 30 minutes or so before it would ease. It was a no brainer for me. As time went by I realized other benefits like deeper sleep and less pain in my neck and shoulders as the weave of the hammock supports the body instead of pushing against it, similar to how a water bed does.The main focus of a Mayan hammock is the intertwined, sprang-woven pattern that is the trademark of a Yucatan hammock. Each hammock is handmade and therefore each hammock bears the distinct finger print of the artisan. No two hammocks are exactly a like, each has its different quirks that makes it special.

Sprang Weaving is one of civilizations oldest weaving methods. It is a simple method of inter-locking parallel cords to produce a strong, flat fabric that is fixed in one dimension and expansive in the other dimension. The process does not use a loom and can be done between any vertical posts or small trees. It is labor intensive with no machinery. The benefit of the sprang weave style is that it allows the hammock to contour to the body. The hammocks do not put pressure on body’s pressure points. Instead, weight is evenly distributed, giving the user a relaxing sensation. IMG_1927 A new study, conducted by a team of Swiss researchers and published in the June issue of “Current Biology” has offered a scientific explanation for the longstanding global hammock craze. The team found that a swinging motion synchronizes brain waves, allowing people to doze off faster and attain a deeper state of sleep. Their results also support the ancient, and very much alive, tradition of rocking children to sleep. Designed in, and for, hot climates should not deter a northerner from experiencing the incredible comfort of a Yucatan hammock. It is easy to be warm in the nest of a hammock…….requires only blankets and/or a sleeping bag. Another huge benefit of hammock vs. bed is the space that is open for other purposes when hammock is not in use.

Perfect for Fathers Day these hammocks hold any size of man or 1500 lbs of weight.

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