Invitation to View Life As Art Creations

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Spring Woodland

Spring Woodland


Fortunately, for me, my mother was an artist of the highest caliber though she never thought of herself as such or did it for any other reason than the sheer joy of expressing self. She encouraged and inspired us at young ages to create with our hands and to find the joy in doing so. My two siblings and I have spent our lifetimes in creative pursuit and like her, mostly for the sheer love of doing so. Art has the capacity to feed a soul in a way that is similar to how a stunning sunset can momentarily take our breath away. This is why we need art in our lives. It allows us to transcend our earthly restrictions and feel a sense of the divine.

In economic times such as the one we are living in people need art more than ever and I feel this all around me as the local community continues to support artists at markets and fairs. In the depth of our beings we require that which is beautiful to bring solace and comfort.  Often someone will remark to me how much comfort and joy they receive from having my work on their wall, the heart of my work reaching out to them each time they see it. There is no greater compliment to an artist than to know that the work they do will continue to shine love and light long after the purchase and the placement of the piece.

So I invite you to peruse the work I began just over a year ago. This work represents the culmination of many years of working and striving to create a space for myself to be creative in and so what you will see is the pure expression and celebration of this accomplishment. The Life As Art Studio, where Yoga, Qigong and Dance happen downstairs, now sports an artist loft upstairs. I invite you to check out my work on the Gallery Page. Much, but not all of it, has sold and as soon as the big snows leave I will be back there creating new pieces. If there is anything of interest please let me know as I can create one just for you. I will continue to post new pictures as they come into being so stay in touch.

Loonsong offers artists a secluded and tranquil place to create from. I am there to support you through offerings of Bodywork, Movement, nutritious food and guidance or I can be invisible. Consider an artist retreat for yourself or for a small group. All is possible.