Life As Art Studio Christening with Nia





September 13, 2014



This is a day dedicated to taking all things Nia a little deeper than class-time allows. More time to play and experience movement, more time to feel your body on the floor, more time to express truly how you feel in the moment.

This is a day retreat which includes time to relax and breathe in deeply the final days of summer. The brave may swim, the others may walk, some might just bask in the sun we hope for. We will picnic if the day allows and feast at midday regardless.

Overnight option allows for time for artists to play (bring materials), for those in need to have massage, for others a chance to just BE. Make it about you and all else follows. Life unfolding at its finest.

This day is open to beginners of Nia who enter with an open heart and mind.

Day Retreat- $75 – Includes 4 hrs workshop, free time to play and  excellent nourishment.

Overnight Option – $150 Includes dinner, nourishment on second day and overnight. Life unfolds in the moment with either fire and conversation or free dance and sometimes, both.