Life As Art

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When we allow creativity to flow from the inside out, as in an idea, a desire, a vision or a dance then the act itself is embodied and created from our core and the very essence of our being. Creativity manifested in form. Life as art. All humans are born with an innate artistic ability and a soul call to create. We are meant to work with our hands and our bodies and to make things that are beautiful and useful or maybe just beautiful and that IS its use. I think many of us have this yearning now and don’t recognize it for what is and so it manifests differently, perhaps in a shopping spree which can give one an immediate high of having something in hand but offers only a short-lived and false sense of accomplishment. And so we shop again. Buying an object is a poor substitute for designing and crafting something, even an idea, from that inner place of longing and desire.

When I look back over my life it is one that has ‘expressed’ itself creatively in a variety of ways and with gratitude I trace the roots of this to my mother. As a single mom with three kids there was not a lot of time for creative expression and yet it can be seen in everything she touched. I now sense that she was starving to create and so naturally it manifested itself in any and every way it could. The creative spark inside of each of us needs its outlet and will find it wherever it can. Much like my mother I have used each period of my life and each vocation as a canvas on which to create. Regardless of what it was I found a way to make it creative, beautiful and joyous. My canvas has been hand made clothing, gardens and greenhouses, motherhood, meals, bodies on a massage table, movement, relationships, visions of a better world and communities. And now there is Loonsong, a canvas which brings my creativity into a form of artistic expression manifesting in a physical place and as community in which others can flourish and bloom. Paradise for a blossoming soul.

Once again it turns out to be about perspective. People often say that they cannot draw or they cannot dance and therefore do not consider themselves creative but creativity takes flight in a million different ways. We need only to embrace our inner spark, blow gently on the embers that may lie dormant now so they can become the fire that fuels your life. Fall is perfect for this. We each feel the shift of the season at our core and the shorter, colder days will afford us more opportunity to tuck in with a project that will feed us at a deeper  level and if we can make gifts to give others in the upcoming season of giving then we fill up our spiritual body with a beautiful love.

 If the thought of creating something does not appeal to you then perhaps begin as just a witness to the awe and beauty of the natural world around you. Open yourself up to the creative energy that surrounds you and begin to see through your own eyes that creativity can be born from each moment you live and breathe…… the way you treat yourself and others, in the way you move down the street and in the way you relate to every circumstance as it passes through your day. Or in the way that you dress, the way you pack your child’s lunchbox or set the dinner table. Play with it. Creativity is play unleashed. Children know they are creative so invite the child in you to guide you through as you begin to create your own life as art. Be joyous and have fun just because you can and it is yours to have. Like any practice the more you have the experience of this and find the joy in it the act of living life as art it will become second nature and then……..the fun begins.