Life Cycles

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If you live to be 90 you will have experienced 3 Saturn returns in your lifetime. It takes 28-30 years for Saturn to make the journey through your natal chart and it is a planet you might want to consider for its force in your life. Saturn is about breaking down and rebuilding, releasing that which no longer serves you and putting down new foundations on which you build. Saturn has to do with structure, it is your body, your home, your job, your family, everything that serves as foundational in your life. Consider your late 20’s and your late 50’s. Did transformation happen in your life at this time?

When you understand the inherent energy of the planets and their purpose in facilitating the unfolding of your life you can then come to work with the energy and to use it in ways that are in your best interest. This is activating free will, either working with it, using it to move you forward,  or choosing to ignore it, sometimes at our peril. Nothing has taught me quite so much about the universe and my world as astrology has and this past 10 years I have worked with and used Saturn energy to be where I am now.  I knew it was stirring up everything in its path as it began its final stages of my second Saturn return. This month, July, marks the end of the second cycle and the beginning of my third and final round. For years I have understood this coming and so I wisely used these past years to let go of a past that no longer sustained me to create and build the environment and the lifestyle that would nourish and fullfill me for this last part of my life. Understanding the inherent energy that surrounds your life at any given moment puts you in a bit more control over how things go. This is using your free will. There have certainly been times when I have felt like I am pretty much just along for the ride and that I need to hold on tight and ride the wave to whatever end. It requires a certain faith to trust that the universe knows what is best and to remain solid at your center as life toss’s you around.

For years, knowing that 2014 was a year of change, I have been patiently building and not pushing Loonsong to be anything or anywhere other than where it was. I have learned that to push something when the energy is not there is futile and frustrating. Rather I trusted the organic process of the slow unfolding and Loonsong becoming what it was meant to be. I moved in natural time and felt ease around its evolution. This spring I felt the energy shift as retreats came into being and were attended and I was asked to teach Nia in 3 different schools. My world is moving forward into a new cycle and my path is clear. I am in the midst of a large life transition that is also as smooth as silk because I have not resisted the breakdown and focused my power on my intention.

The Yoga & Nia Retreat that is happening at Loonsong on July 19th marks another cycle in my life. It is my birthday and I have heard that some believe that one should spend one’s birthday in a way that might represent the remainder of the year. It feels rather auspicious to spend this day doing what I love with a friend and co-creator that is a blessing in my life and with a group of women who are drawn to Loonsong by some invisible thread that casts it’s weave around our hearts. I am choosing July as a month to cleanse myself, to renew from the inside out. It occurred to me how this past year, bodywise,  has been somewhat of an analogy for Saturn’s energy as I have experienced small ‘breakdowns’ in my physical body and that by choosing to cleanse and focusing on becoming renewed and whole I am going to utilize the power of Saturn’s energy to help launch me forward as a stronger, healthier and more grounded body. This is an example of how one can use the energy for benefit.

So I am excited to launch Loonsong with this new sense. I still choose to move in natural time as it suits my nature and matches the energy that I want people to feel when they come. To get the most out of our precious lives we need the conscious awareness to slow down and smell each moment.