Listening for the Sacred – A Silent Retreat

DATE: September 27-29, 2013

FACILITATED BY: Kathy Roy and Kathi Ryan

A silent retreat is traditionally a time set aside to listen for the Sacred; to reflect, listen, contemplate, relax and simply BE.  This weekend creates the space for the kind of deep listening that happens when held in the embrace of intentional silence.  As the noise and pace of the world drops away, your awareness can settle quietly within yourself so you can be attentive to the movement of the Spirit within and around you   Silence and stillness are qualities that are not often nurtured in our day to day living, but for many of us, our souls yearn for these times of stillness that can bring a sense of renewal to our lives.  As we are held in silence, we become an invitation for Life to nurture, restore us and renew us.

We will interweave morning and evening community time and support into the silence and will have Spiritual Direction, Massage, and Energy work sessions available during the weekend.  (There is an extra fee for massage, which can be claimed through most health insurance provider.)

Enjoy the simple and delicious food and the natural environment that Loonsong provides.  It is a beautiful setting that invites a connection to Creation and supports the capacity to relax and simply BE.

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