Mandala: Circles of Life

Date:  October 13 – 14, 2012

Suggested Donation for the weekend:  $320

Facilitated by:   Kathy Roy


The word mandala means “Circle” and comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. But a mandala is far more than a simple shape; it represents the very wholeness of life itself – a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relationship to the infinite.

Used by traditions around the world, working with mandala images creates an inner sense of wholeness and enables us to access Wisdom and Healing.  These images are not only beautiful, but they have a capacity to harmonize energy and it is said that the creator of a mandala is inwardly changed by the creative act.


Working with mandalas is a creative healing process that engages the heart, the mind and the spirit.  Throughout this retreat, we will be exploring the healing properties of mandalas and the language of symbols to facilitate an inner state of wholeness and connection.  We will colour mandalas, meditate upon traditional mandala images, go on nature walks to see that mandala images appear everywhere in the natural world, and create our own unique mandala image that holds an intention that connects to your heart.   If you have a drum, you may wish to bring it as it is a form of making vibration and sound with a mandala.


Throughout this weekend, there will be time rest in nature.  Eat nourishing and healthy food. Release creative energy and vitality, as well as relax and receive a massage if you wish!
I have been working with mandalas for many years now and I never cease to be amazed by how they evoke a sense of unity within me.  I have been facilitating mandala workshops for 8 years and find it to be deeply rewarding to share this ancient practice with others.

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