New Beginnings Held Lightly



It is the time of the year when we often make a promise to ourself, perhaps silently and yet no less potent by not having voiced the intention. Energy follows thought. Each cell in our body sits poised for the intention made to manifest. Enter self compassion. Making the decision to alter an aspect of ourselves is not the same thing as the necessary steps to execute said action.

I set an intention for myself several months ago following a retreat that we offered at Loonsong based on the Four Agreements. It was a juicy several days and left us with much food for thought which I am continuing to chew. I am grateful now for the Fourth Agreement, Always Do Your Best, as I bear witness to the struggles that both humble and excite me.

Currently I am living in a remote area of the world where I have not left the property for 2 weeks other than a few miles down the road to the largest living coral reef in this part of the world and a 4 wheeler expedition up the arroyo at sunset. I am face to face with myself each and every day, long hours of my own sweet company. I cannot hide, deny or distract myself from what is true. Self compassion is an easy practice for me and so I find it humorous and can laugh at myself as I observe how I am not doing that great on my intention even as I am doing my best. We are human and our best is different in each moment. Self compassion plays a huge part in giving yourself permission to make mistakes and can serve as a teaching moment to those whom you care about. We teach by example and most importantly, to our children. If we had all learned to be a little softer with ourselves at a young age we might all feel more content with who we have become.

So if you choose to set an intention for this new year ahead be sure to hold it lightly and do your best knowing that your best changes every day, every moment depending on……..everything. Speak love, think love and be love. It is all you need.