New Beginnings









Now, at last, in the final days of the year, winter truly shows herself to us. Not threatening but soft. It is difficult to find the words for the gratitude I feel for this gentle beginning, so unlike last year at this time.   I am ready, satiated with the ease of life and ready to embrace the dark snow days ahead.

This time of year always represents an opportunity to consider oneself in the grand scheme of one’s own life. I remember to be kind, compassionate and to treat me as I would a small child, with care and thought. At this time of year we need to let our staunch inner judge have a break so we can more clearly see ourselves as we truly are. Always ready to critique we must remember that the judge lives in our mind, speaks through our mind and this we should not always trust. The mind can twist, alter,  and lie about it and if instead, we can go into our hearts and open them wide to the magnificence of our being-ness we gain a completely different and a truer version of ourselves, a small yet powerful shift of perspective. It helps if you can sit quietly and place your hands on your chest, over your heart center. With your minds eye, take your awareness to your heart  and notice the sensations there. Notice the gentle beat of your life and imagine that same beating heart in every person on this planet. A heart that is strong in purpose and miraculous in its achievement. This alone should be enough for you to gaze in wonder at the beauty of you and at the beauty, at the core, of everyone.

Extending compassion to others is a worthy goal and one that each of us needs to practice but it is not possible to do this if we have not first extended it to ourselves. We need to make ourselves the first priority and once compassion for self is learned, then offering that to others is a natural extension of that, effortless.

Sometimes when we begin a new practice we can become discouraged, consider our failings instead of our accomplishments. This, however, does not serve us. A practice is just that, something we attempt to bring into our lives and it does not and should not ever be connected to judgement. This stops cold the flow of love and compassion. Rather than beat yourself up, place the hands over heart and breathe there for a moment and allow the shift.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and it brings with it unity and one love for all and according to the Universe, there is no other path to follow.  Happy journeying to each and every one of you in 2015. May your year be thoroughly blessed.