Nia and the Four Agreements

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After sharing in a meaningful conversation yesterday with a friend, in regards to the relationship we share, I continued to explore it for the rest of the day in my heart and mind. I loved that we had this ability to connect and to say what is important to each of us and to ask for what we need without there being pain and drama attached to it. Expressing oneself and what one needs with someone who plays a role in your life does not need to be fraught with danger or fear of loss or reprisal. Relationship is a contract between 2 people and so needs alterations and adjustments along the way, as we grow and change and become more aware of self. Communication is how we achieve this. The words, the intention need not be threatening. Only when we speak without care and from our own place of fear, without thought and respect for other is there the possibility for misunderstanding, threat or danger. I realized last night that it is connected to the First Agreement. Be Impeccable with Your Word. It is about the energy connected to the word, how we speak and how we form our words. It is about intent.

The Four Agreements, four simple rules to live by and yet so powerful in their manifestation that, when practiced, can alter one’s life in large ways.  I have come to appreciate each personal interaction with another as an opportunity to practice the Four Agreements and therefore to grow in spirit. Sometimes it is a huge challenge and I smile always with compassion for myself because the Fourth Agreement, Always Do your Best, allows me to be human, to maybe not get it right each time even though I am conscious and aware of the rules.

The longer I practice the Four Agreements the hungrier I get to enter into conversation with others around them and the challenges and the joys that others have experienced with this practice. They are rich with meaning and interpretation and we each bring our own story to the table. We each have so much to share and so much to learn from one another simply because we move through and experience the world through different eyes.

How does this practice work for you? In what ways has it opened your eyes to a new way of being? What examples can you think of that have worked for you in unexpected ways?

If you are interested in entering into conversation with a group of women who share this practice let me know. I am hoping to pull together a weekend experience this fall to engage in this conversation and to move it all through our bodies with Nia.