Personal Retreat-What Does It Look Like?


Retreat is defined as a period of quiet rest and contemplation in a secluded place.  Retreat is intended to offer the individual the length of time and space necessary to gain perspective on any given situation. Reflection and clarity come with greater ease when we have the opportunity to slow down the pace at which we move through our life.  Our breathing slows, the incessant chaos in the life of our mind subsides as we breathe in the wonder and beauty of stillness around us. The sound of the wind in the trees or water lapping on the shore is the music that grows louder as we strip away the layers of our stress and are touched by the divine in nature. Retreat and traveling inward to the core of ourselves can give us the perspective that no amount of staying in the same place and thinking about it can ever offer. It is the Body that will reveal to us what we need but first we need to hear the voice of it and then we need to listen. This happens with awareness and awareness is more present when we can be still.

Loonsong Cottage Retreat is a place not so far away that offers the individual this opportunity. The physical ‘place’ of Loonsong has a healing magic of its own, the ability to hold process in a loving and nurturing way and I fully understand why I was guided to this particular spot on the planet. The natural surroundings of Loonsong, which include woods, a babbling brook with large stones for sitting in or on the bank, a tidal river and beach and where the loons greet the air with their call, is now offering the cottage for personal retreats which is where you get to decide exactly what you need at this moment in time and it will be delivered. Along with the unseen powers that reside there you have also the choice for Movement Therapy and Bodywork. There is a tremendous healing opportunity when we combine the physical movement of the body’s energy field with the hands-on manipulation of tissue, fluid and muscle through massage. The ‘issue’ we are attempting to gain clarity on will reveal itself by being present to the Body and its voice and by softening the hard shell it becomes when we experience undo stress for any period of time.

Solo retreat is not something we are all capable of. Some have never spent time alone with self. Personal retreat does not necessarily need to be a solitary and the cottage is able to hold a small group. Time in silence, even among friends, is therapeutic for many reasons and a practice we adhere to in the mornings. Sometimes the gems are in the perspective we receive from another, especially one who loves and cares for us. Sometimes the healing comes through being heard by another. I offer my ear and my support and any wise council I can offer to those wishing to leave behind the chaos of their life for a day, for a weekend or for longer. My participation in your retreat is in your design. What do you need? Ask yourself this first.

Loonsong also offers planned programming and workshop/retreats designed to bring women together in safe and comforting surroundings. Sometimes we are not quite sure of what we need except that it requires some distance from where we are presently at. A planned program is also a way for you to get a sense of the space and energy of Loonsong prior to committing yourself to a solo or an overnight because feeling safe and secure is important to each of us.

I invite you to look at some of the programming currently offered. All of our programming has its basis in helping you to grow as an individual and to come to better know yourself through personal inquiry and discovery.  The women who work with me and offer healing therapy programs are of the highest caliber and deliver from the heart.  Feel free to inquire with any question, concern or idea.