Re-Charge Your Life


Facilitated by: Kathy RoyIMG_1575

Date: TBA

‘Sometimes, we need to slow down in order to speed up.’ Chris Argyris

The Recharge Your Life Program was developed because women kept expressing that they needed more energy. Actually, the need for more energy was one of the top five health concerns of most women I talked to.
Recharge Your Life is about learning to create a way of life that sustains you and fulfills you. Our energy doesn’t get drained in one day and it can take time and attentiveness to create new patterns of living that enable us to sustain our energy. In this program you will learn how to live a succulent life! A succulent plant is one that gets its nourishment and water from the inside – it replenishes itself.

This program is all about:

You learning to take care of you…
You learning to listen to you…
You learning to connect to you…
…And by doing so, you create a more meaningful and sustainable life.

Over the weekend, we delve into 6 key topics that will give you the tools and internal energy to live a more satisfying, enriched life – a life that fills you with a resource many of us are lacking – ENERGY. You will discover

  • What gives you energy
  • What depletes your energy
  • Where you sabatoge your energy
  • Where you give your energy away
  • What replenishes your energy


As a result of this program you will experience:

  • Improved health and relationship to your body
  • Improved relationships with loved ones
  • Improved relationship with your finances
  • Most importantly, improved relationship with yourself

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