Reality Manifested

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What does this look like? What does it mean to mainfest your own reality? It is a common phrase to hear or read these days and as real as the creating what you desire or what you fear is possible. We get to choose and we do so energetically.

I realize now as I can look back on the long road of my life, that I have been doing this since I was a young girl though not realizing nor calling it that. At some point in my life, maybe half way through it was clear that I had reached most of the goals that I had set in my life. It was actually a revelation. My mom did not talk about goal setting as far as I can recall but I did it anyway and the goals I set came from a place of clarity about what I desired or knew that I needed in order to be comfortable.

Then the day came when I knew that I needed to make a life altering change, one that would bring about pain and grief to more than myself and there was great fear in me about making a decision that would bring harm to others. I lacked faith at that point and was fully aware that it was faith that was required for this manifestation to be realized. I was very clear that I could not just theorize faith, that it needed to be a felt sense, fully embodied and grounded faith in something larger than myself.

One day it was there, as clear as when it was not. I made my leap of faith and I was so lovingly caught from that leap that I have never once since then, doubted how the Universe has been with me my entire life, guiding and directing my life and helping me to attain each goal I set for myself. I learned to get out of the way and to allow life to unfold. I learned to take the setbacks with grace and to let go of expectations around how I envisioned or desired things. I opened myself to greater possibilties by trusting that spirit loves me and knows what I need while it has its loving hand on my back, nudging me forward, reminding me to maintain humilitya nd keep the Joy present.

Something I have been saying for a year or so to people is that I have learned to be careful for what I wish for and to know deeply that just because I can do something does not mean I have to. I relax into the unfolding. I met a man yesterday who put it so well, “Set intention and duck.” I love the image that it conjures and smile at it’s clarity.

I was very clear in the intention set a year ago when winter was ruthlessly wearing me out, to spend this winter somewhere warm and to build community among those who share my life philosophy, that of simplicity, honoring each others gifts, sharing and helping one another and creating a life of Joy while being in service that benefits the earth and all living things. As JR Tolkien so beautifully spoke, ” I too am a steward. Did you not know?”

Manifestation may not always come exactly as you imagined and there may be obstacles along the way based on what you need to grow and learn. Every experience a gift as well as an opportunity. I was challenged greatly for the first 6 weeks I was here and feel such gratitude for the personal realization that I gained. When I found my ‘tribe’ it came packaged more beautifully and abundantly than I could have ever dreamed.

So be with your thoughts and let them go freely outward towards a vision that you hold dear and then, no matter what, never let go of the vision unless it is a conscious choice you make as life becomes change. It is the one thing we can count on… becoming change. Be like water, know that life flows through you and guides you to the places you desire.

Choose well……and duck.