Remembering How to Be

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Loonsong, this canvas to create upon, continues to awe me in its gentle and steady movement forward. Having asked the universe to assist in this I have been able to stand aside, patient and knowing, and now……… experiencing this flurry of activity and forward motion once again with a sigh of contentment coming from deep within for having kept faith. These past few years have afforded me an incredible opportunity to be witness to and experience the many ways that energy follows thought. As a long time visionary of ideas I have danced in this way all my life but this particular vision dances me. From the moment I laid eyes on the physical place it has felt more like I am being carried, that this vision is creating itself with me as a steward only of the potential that exists here. The spirit of Loonsong is larger than myself and those that contribute time and energy, each a part of the choreography of this time and place and what is meant to be, each integral and leaving their loving energy when they go. I sense the spirit of my mother in this place, her guidance, her love of the place and her pleasure in what is unfolding. The great circle exists here, Country Harbour, womblike in its softness and the way it gently embraces all who come. It is a healing place.


It is a place to BE. This is my vision for those who come and surrender themselves to the peace and tranquility of Loonsong. Each of us needs to remember who we are and from where we’ve come.  This is a challenge in the daily hustle of our lives which seem to be speeding up even as we yearn to slow down. We long to maintain presence in each moment. Loonsong can allow the downtime needed to revitalize, to remember and to feel in the body how it is to not rush, to not know or care the time of day.  Loonsong  is a destination for those who just need a little time and space away so the remembering sinks deeply.  A few hours, a day, an overnight or best of all, stay for days and feel the body/mind soften into this lovely place of BEING. You get to choose the when and the what. It is that simple.


The fall schedule is coming together. There are choices for Yoga, Nia and Qigong. You can make a basket or you can come alone or with friends and just allow your life to unfold in each moment. This, sounding so simple, can be an incredible challenge for some. We spend much of our time with every minute scheduled, planned and orchestrated. We are forgetting what it means to just BE, to not have an agenda. I suggest trying it on. I have received my best clarity when I spend days alone with nature surrounding me and time ceases to exist. The studio allows for creativity and is available to artists, dancers or anyone wanting time to pursue their own creativity.


Consider Loonsong next time you have a yearning to create something beautiful for yourself.