Renewal: Love Your Body Back


Loonsong Cottage RetreatFor many who live in the north, spring brings the promise of rebirth in a body that feels heavy from both lack of movement and a diet that has served to sustain us during the colder months. Summer ushers in with a sense of freedom that might look like abandonment to our plan for a healthier and more vital body. There is no wrong time to give your body the gift of a break from the abundance that surrounds us and to learn ways to better care for ourselves when the body whispers “I’m ready.” Beginning new habits and cleansing ourselves of accumulated toxins can be both desired and daunting, possibly leaving us opting out altogether. This is an invitation to spend 2 days and one night with me at Loonsong to begin the process of mild cleansing of toxins from the body and a kick start to go deeper if we choose. This also serves as a reminder that we are important enough to focus awareness and attention on.

This is an offering for 1-3 people so you can choose to do it solo or with friends. I continue this offer throughout spring and summer of 2017 with intention to make it more accessible. Since this is first come first serve and cottage is also a seasonal rental I suggest picking a date and contacting me soon. If you are serious about making the shift towards health choices that are more sustainable for the body and want to extend this offer for a longer period please let me know. In this case we are able to customize the experience by adding other therapies and activities and as long as cottage is available we can accommodate any number of days.

The 2 day period can be booked at your convenience from May until September and


  • Private room in a shared living space (in case of group) or entire cottage if solo
  • 2 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatments
  • 1-2 Infared Sauna Treatments (your choice)
  • 4 Healthy clean vegetarian meals and snacks
  • Movement Therapy for stimulating Immune System
  • Conversation and teachings around personalizing your self-care regime going forward
  • Creating a vision board to help keep you focused on results
  • Lots of quiet time to be in nature and rest

$350.00 includes everything

Receipts available for Massage Therapy

Gift Certificates available