Retreats & Workshops

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At Loonsong, a retreat can be any time set aside to slow down, rest, reflect, connect, listen and be attentive to self-care and personal renewal. Sometimes, we just need a place to get away and to have our own time to reflect and deepen our connection to ourselves and to nature.  Other times, we may wish to get away with our close friends and have a wonderful experience together. If you are part of a circle of people who enjoy doing something together, have colleagues at work that you need to enjoy in a different setting or have an extended family you would like to share this experience with we can help you to customize a retreat around your desires.

Loonsong Cottage Retreat: Country Harbour River


Customized retreats are available for individuals or groups.

Loonsong Cottage Retreat has an awesome team of women behind it. Click here to meet some of the regulars you might meet during your stay.

If you see any of our workshops or retreats (past or present) that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming Retreats & Workshops

The below retreats & workshops are currently open for registration at Loonsong Cottage Retreat: