Sacred Wounds


I admire individuals who commit themselves to the path of self-healing. It is not an easy road and many decide never to venture that direction, far easier we decide, to remain on the well-worn footpath already known and familiar even if it does get narrow and overgrown and often requires its own physical struggle. It is unfortunate that this choice is what often leads us into ‘dis-ease’ in our bodies. Even though our bodies and our hearts are whispering to us that


all is not right we do not listen, shrugging off discomfort as just a sign of aging or a multitude of other reasons we come up with. It is this time, when the body is whispering, an early detection mechanism built right into our incredible beings, that it is most important to pay attention. First……. to accept that it is’ talking’ and in its infinite wisdom, knows best. It is to our advantage that we listen and respond. Thinking that we “do not have time” or that “we are not worth the time” is a ‘belief’ we need to look at so that we may be able to experience vitality and joy, that which  is the birthright of every individual.  If we stifle or choose to ignore the whisper then eventually we end up with our body literally ‘screaming’ at us and then wonder why we got sick or why we feel pain?

Healing the wounds of our past can seem insurmountable but what if a small change of perception could bring about a large internal shift? What if choosing to ‘see’ our wounds as part of the Sacred Contract that we came into this world to honour? Each of us has one. We are born to fulfill it. Does it not make sense that the wounds we receive as we grow into our human potential are also part of this Sacred Contract and in fact the very seed that nurtures the unfolding of our own unique destiny? Looked at in this light the wounds then become the ‘gifts’. Are the wounds you carry not also a source of your very strength? Are they not also what guides you into what you clearly know is possible for you and also what is not? This is wisdom that accompanies us in the unfolding of who we are and what we become. Wisdom born of that which gives us the potential to step into our personal power.  Perhaps if we view our wounds as Sacred and as a source to draw upon we can then begin to more clearly see the path before us and step into the dance of being fully alive.

Our life, each one, is our own unique journey of becoming. Each person a teacher, each situation a gift through which we learn. Our choice to see it as such, a small ‘tweak’ of perception’………… as that which will shine light on manifesting the life we want. This is comapssion for self and our bodies register this on a cellular level and ‘knows’ it as an honour bestowed. It begins here….. within you and I.

Practice affirmation for yourself.       Consider the beauty that you are.



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