Splint-Style Basket Workshop

Dates:   August 24-25, 2013

Facilitated by: Sian Turner and Kathi Ryan RMT

baskets and Loonsong Cottage 013

One of our most popular workshop offerings is the Basket-Making. It is a day we honor the age-old tradition of women coming together to create something that is both useful and beautiful and it never fails to amaze the participants who all leave with much more than a basket. There is a sense of accomplishment and wonder at the creation of a vessel that can be used daily and the deeply rewarding experience of having shared this with other women and learned from each one through stories and making intimate connections.

Though the basket normally takes one day to make it is definitely a full day and so we offer this as an overnight retreat so women have the opportunity to relax in the evening and share a good meal and more stories. The next morning allows time and opportunity to walk and enjoy the beauty of Country Harbour or the chance to have a massage or just to sleep in and relax. This is about giving yourself the gift of slowing down and taking time for self.

This workshop is offered for 5-6 women maximum. Sometimes a group of women will form up and do this activity with friends. Other times it is a group who arrive as strangers and leave as friends.