Sweet Surrender Hammocks


Sweet Surrender is dedicated to promoting slow-living. Few of us can claim to take enough leisure time in which to simply BE…….with self, with quiet, with family, with nature. Hammocks, when hung in house, on deck or in the yard, beckon gently to one to slow down, to rest easy and to smell the moment.

These beautiful hand-woven hammocks are made in Yucatan Province of Mexico by many families throughout the province.

My supplier represents a company dedicated to the wholesale and export, of top quality hammocks, and hammock accessories. The products are manufactored counting on the weaving abilities, of over 500 Mayan families throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. They weave beautiful Mayan hammocks in all sizes and styles.

It is their mission to ensure that customers located throughout the world receive the finest merchandise while the weavers get a Fair Market compensation for their labors.

The Yucatan hammock is the most comfortable and supportive hammock you will ever sleep in. Woven to conform to the body in any position you feel as if you are lying on clouds or in a nest made just for you. Made to support from one person to an entire family, they are both beautiful and durable. When hung indoors they supply extra sleeping space without taking up the room of a bed. Simply hook to one side of the room when not in use.

Hammock Sleeping

I began sleeping in a Mayan hammock about 20 years ago when I discovered that in waking up I was able to stand tall with no stiffness in my lower back which, out of a bed, always had me moving around for 30 minutes or so before it would ease. It was a no brainer for me. As time went by I realized other benefits like deeper sleep and less pain in my neck and shoulders as the weave of the hammock supports the body instead of pushing against it, similar to how a water bed does.

The main focus of a Mayan hammock is the intertwined, sprang-woven pattern that is the trademark of a Yucatan hammock. Each hammock is handmade and therefore each hammock bears the distinct finger print of the artisan. No two hammocks are exactly  alike, each has its different quirks that makes it special.

Sprang Weaving is one of civilizations oldest weaving methods. It is a simple method of inter-locking parallel cords to produce a strong, flat fabric that is fixed in one dimension and expansive in the other dimension. The process does not use a loom and can be done between any vertical posts or small trees. It is labor intensive with no machinery. The benefit of the sprang weave style is that it allows the hammock to contour to the body. The hammocks do not put pressure on the body’s pressure points. Instead, weight is evenly distributed, giving the user a relaxing sensation.

A new study, conducted by a team of Swiss researchers and published in the June issue of “Current Biology” has offered a scientific explanation for the longstanding global hammock craze. The team found that a swinging motion synchronizes brain waves, allowing people to doze off faster and attain a deeper state of sleep. Their results also support the ancient, and very much alive, tradition of rocking children to sleep. Designed in, and for, hot climates should not deter a northerner from experiencing the incredible comfort of a Yucatan hammock. It is easy to be warm in the nest of a hammock…….requires only blankets and/or a sleeping bag. Another huge benefit of hammock vs. bed is the space that is open for other purposes when hammock is not in use.



Sweet Surrender Hammocks



Hammocks and Hammock chairs can be enjoyed all year round by having a hook or hooks both indoors and out. We can all imagine lounging in the shade of the trees on a hot summer day but they are equally as wonderful stretched across the room of a house, maybe near the fireplace or the bedroom, to enjoy reading or sleeping on a cold winters day. Hammocks make for an excellent sleep option and use the space in a room only when occupied saving you room in the house for other things.



When my kids were babies and small children I spent so much quality time with them in the hammock. They can be very soothing to both parent and child and make for a most needed nap for both. Easy for parent to slip out of leaving babe behind to lull in the comfort and embrace of the hammock. Hammocks provide a deep sleep due to their womb-like embrace. They can even be hung over your bed with baby sleeping soundly and therefore easy access when it is feeding time or fussy time. Just stay in bed and gently swing the hammock to coax them back to slumber.






Hammock chairs provide all the comfort and feel of a hammock but hangs from a single point making it more accesible to many. A 6 ft. person can fully stretch out in this chair and has served as place to sleep for many. Under a balcony, hanging form a limb, on the deck or in your living room they are the chair that calls to you.


 Sweet Surrender Hammocks

Will be at Stanfest, Smokin’ Blues Fest and the Kempt Shore Acoustic Festival in July. Come and try out the hammocks.



#4 Hammock- This is a small yet strong, lightweight hammock good for one adult. It is the best seller for camping and travelling for its ease in carrying. Weighs 2.2 lbs. and holds 440 lbs. Price: $85.00

#5 Hammock-This is a very strong and comfortable hammock and though ideal for one it can hold two adults. Lightweight and easy to carry and still considered ideal for camping. Weighs 2.64 lbs and holds 550 lbs. Price: $95.00

#6 Hammock-This is an excellent hammock for comfortable sleeping and holds two adults comfortably. Weighs 3.3 lbs. and holds 660 lbs. Price: $115.00


#7 Hammock– This is the second to largest hammock and will hold the entire family. Weighs 4 lbs. and holds 770 lbs. Price:$130.00


#24 Hammock-This is a really really big hammock and will hold a party. Climb on in. Woven with thicker corded cotton this one is the most durable and resistant so excellent where it will get a lot of use. Extremely comfortable hammock weighing 6.60 lbs and holds 880 lbs. Price: $165.00


Small Hammock Chair- This is a very comfortable chair that offers the comfort of a hammock in a more space saving way. The chairs hang from a single point and can be moved from indoors to outdoors with ease. Holds 220 lbs. Price:$90.00

                                                                                                                                                                       SALE PRICE $70.00

Large Hammock Chair- A six foot body can completely stretch out in this chair. It is the most comfortable place to be and will quickly become your favorite chair of all.  Holds 330 lbs. Price:$100.00


When you stay at Loonsong for a program or as part of a personal Retreat the hammocks are available to you as a sleep option. This is a good way to experience and see if it might be a fit for you. I began to sleep in one for several reasons and have never looked back. These hammocks are woven to give the body ultimate support and is why they give you the sense of being softly embraced. Though it might take some people a few nights to get used to it there are others who take to it like it was always meant to be. Hammock Chairs have the same luxurious comfort as a hammock but requires only a single point to hang from. These chairs are huge and a tall person can fully stretch out in it.


The following pictures show how to tie the knot that the Mayans have used for centuries. It allows the ability to easily adjust the height of the hammock and to move it from site to site with ease.

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