Yoga and Nature Mandala Workshop

Spend a September day in retreat with Bethany Theuerkauf  at Loonsong in Country Harbour with the intention of connecting to the rhythms of the natural world and how this transition time of the seasons coincides with the needs and desires of the home where we live, that of our bodies. By honoring the Sacred in Nature while simultaneously connecting to the deeper parts of Self we come away from this with a sense of clarity on that which is truly important and meaningful to our lives. Stepping away, even for a day, can gently alter our gaze at the world.

This will be a day of quiet reflection, gentle movement, creating something of beauty set with personal intention and the deliciousness of sharing lovingly prepared food together. Days at Loonsong with Bethany are always like a balm to the soul.

September 21, 2019  10:00-4:00

Loonsong Cottage Retreat, Country Harbour

$110  Includes lunch and all snacks

Please register for this as there is limited space.

Making Space: A Yoga Retreat

A day for personal well-being becomes a radical act of self-love in this period of the seemingly escalated movement of our lives. It is in these times when we need to inquire deeply into the quality of what we are taking in as well as what we are able to return, how well are we serving those we love? Even small acts of self care can begin to create change for individuals simply through the creation of more space within. A day or two away for the sole purpose of ‘making space’ for replenishment cannot be overestimated in its impact and benefit to yourself and to those who love you. And a day at Loonsong with Bethany holds a quality and an allure that those who know, know.

On this day of Eclipse, and one of only 2 days each year that we have this opportunity with Bethany, we will gather at Life As Art Studio with the intention of making space within our lives to step in, to seek and bless within ourselves whatever we currently need and to do this within community to share and to sense belonging.

This day includes snacks and a healthy vegetarian lunch from locally sourced and organic food. Interested in staying the night and having a day for self on Sunday? Please inquire. Massage Therapy available on Sunday.

There is limited space for this retreat. Please register at to secure your place.

Saturday Sept. 22, 2018   10:00-4:00

Loonsong Cottage Retreat

$110.00 includes snacks and a nutritious lunch

Increase Immunity: Self Care for the Lymphatic System

WHEN: June 2, 2018   10:00 – 2:00

WHERE: Loonsong Cottage Retreat

COST: $75

Winter can leave us with the residue of stale and with a Lymphatic System that is sluggish from inactivity and it’s partners; overeating and toxicity. This time of year, as our Life Force is awakened with the sights, sounds and smells of early summer we are inspired to feel better, to do more for ourselves so that we sense vitality again and one of the best ways to do this is to remind and to kick-start the Lymphatic System to flow. Having the conscious awareness of this large part of our living organism, its design, function, purpose and how to assist it, is empowering to us as individuals.

Many of the symptoms of a sluggish or compromised Lymph System are signs we generally associate with ‘aging’ and by choosing this story we limit ourselves to what else is possible, in this case, increased energy and vitality, less body pain, decreased anxiety, deeper sleep and much more.

This is a one day workshop with Kathi Ryan RMT in which we will learn about the role the Lymphatic System plays in our health and vitality and the many simple ways we can directly effect this important bodily system. As you gather the information, tools and techniques from this day you will gain confidence in being able to have greater influence and control over your personal well-being and that of your family. We will cover nutrition, exercise, breath, self-massage and energy techniques and much more. This is a day which leaves you empowered with a full toolbox to sustain and increase your level of well-being.

This workshop takes place in Country Harbour at Loonsong Cottage Retreat and includes a healthy lunch and snacks, recipes included. The day will be diverse and include simple movement to stimulate lymph flow through the body. A beautiful early summer day in Country Harbour. Plan to enjoy.

Some symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system include:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Problem Skin
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sinusitis
  • Chronic Throat Issues
  • Stiff and Painful Joints
  • Nervous System Disorders
  • Edema
  • Chronic Head Colds
  • Inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Asthma