Tending the Hearth

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This bodysuit where we reside is also the home and memory bank of the lives we have lived. We can pull up the scintillating moments of our past and relive the emotions of those highlights with great pleasure and glee. They are stored, not only in our mind and heart but in our bodily tissues, the muscle memory that maps our history.

What of our darker past? No one escapes the perfect yin yang balance that comes as our birthright. This is our path to travel, experiencing the joys of our days alongside the sorrows, the travails. All of it lives and expresses through the physical body that is our home.

Home. The word conjures sensations of safety, warmth, comfort, and familiarity. It also brings the image of a structure, four walls and a roof, a place where we return to at the end of the day, a place where we can safely spend the day in our pajamas and not brush our hair. I suggest that we tweak this notion a bit and consider that it is our physical body that is our true home and where, if everything we know and trust as real were stripped away, that this place, this body we live in, would now be the home where we would need to settle into for this same sense of comfort. If we can begin to make this small perceptual shift in which we understand that the peace that we feel in our house is what we need to seek within the interior of our being, then perhaps we would tend to the needs of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in a way that is more loving and complete?

When we are able and willing to meet the inner landscape of our being, that personal map imprinted in our muscle memory , with the same open loving arms that we would meet a beloved friend, we can then step into the possibility of softening what might have, over the years, become personal armour, a high barrier of a wall, constructed over our lifetime without our necessarily being conscious of it. These stored memories are mere moments in time, from a small perceived slight to a full blown assault on the system, planted as a seed and, if watered and tended, living and thriving as part of our NOW identity. Those who are willing to begin the exploration, who say yes to movement that is, not only possible, but an essential ingredient to the juiciness of life, can bring light unto themselves and all whom they love. Only shining a light on the dark will illuminate that which needs to be released.

Through Movement We Find Health. We live in a body that is designed and meant to move. When we move our bodies in awareness and ways that are conscious we can begin to move and release memories that no longer serve us, sometimes ones that we are not even aware that we harbour. We live in a time and a culture that does not always support the kind of movement choices that the body requires to stay healthy and to keep things moving and releasing in the normal course of our daily lives. It requires effort on our part to get to the gym, the pool, the trail, the studio and then more often than not these activities we choose are mechanical in nature. They lack emotional and spiritual expression and become exercise by rote which might serve the physical body but what of the others? Self care needs to encompass and address the whole of who we are, all of our bodies simultaneously.

Dance has been around for as long as we humans have gathered on this earth. We have danced in prayer, ritual, grief, joy, celebration, honouring, seeking, exploration and joy. Dance is how we move every part of ourselves, all of our bodies. It is prayer, it is ritual, it is celebration and it is what our bodies are designed to do. I say Dance. There is no right way to dance your body, there is only your way. And did you know that no other activity, not even crossword puzzles and suduko, come close to dance as an activity that increases brain function?

Nia is a fitness and lifestyle practice that is whole body conditioning on every level. Nia blends nine movement forms from eastern and western practices into a movement that is expressive, fluid, yin, yang, joyful and cardiovascular. It fosters flexibility, agility, stability, mobility and strength into one program that is never the same twice because we are never the same twice. For a movement experience that can transform both your body and your life, try Nia.

Or…..just dance. For the Joy of it.

If you are interested in a workshop in your area I travel Nova Scotia to offer this. New instructors are needed everywhere and a White Belt Training will be offered at Loonsong in the fall of 2017. A workshop offers the foundation and fundamentals of this practice