The Best Things In Life Are Not Things

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After nearly six years of working to create a space for workshops and movement it is difficult to put into words the feeling that I have after hosting the 015first event in the Life As Art Studio. Even though the space is not yet completed in the way I envision, it is together enough to begin hosting events. This is a reoccurring place I go in my head, trying to balance the desire to have things just as I have ‘envisioned’ and being ok with it as ‘ enough’.  In the end I know that ‘enough’ is more than ok and I sense a bit of disappointment that I have allowed this voice to have any sway.  It is the voice of the inner judge, the one that whispers, “Not good enough.” I don’t believe that any of us escape the criticism of this inner judge and its effect on us is directly connected to how grounded and centered we are in that moment. Just as issues will flare in the body when our resistance is down, so too does the voice of criticism seem louder or more predominant when we are not well balanced.  I remind people as they ‘step into’ Nia, “Please leave your judge at the door as he/she will be happily awaiting you when you are done here.”

Having hosted the Basket Workshop this weekend with four sisters who all left very contented and with beautiful baskets to call their own I remember again that small is beautiful and simple is enough. When the idea of Loonsong was first developing for me the idea of simplicity in all its aspects was part of the very foundation and this past weekend a good reminder to hold fast to that ideal.  It is also a good reminder at this particular time of year when we can so easily get caught up in the mania of too much. In varying degrees, we begin to experience the ‘too much’ around the holidays long before the day of Christmas is upon us. The music and the commercials start too early, the sheer amount of merchandise and holiday displays enough to baffle any mind and the long lists of wants from children and family members can discourage the best of us. It is easy to feel tired and weary of it before the day even arrives.


Perhaps this is the year when all of us can try on the idea of simplicity, maybe the giving of our time to one another as opposed to another ‘thing’ because the best things in life are not things at all. Holidays are about the deep caring that we have for one another, for our families and our communities and for the world at large. If we can think in terms of small blessings that we can offer, random acts of kindness and silent prayers for others then we will be fed from the inside out throughout the duration of the holidays. If we can offer a bit of time to someone we dearly love, a foot or hand massage for an elder or a child, a simple phone date or conversation over coffee with a friend, a note of appreciation to someone who has been good to you. These sound like small and inconsequential things but think about that. Are they? Time is our most precious commodity and “busy” is a common reply when we ask people how they are.  It stands to reason that giving of your time will be recognized and appreciated in ways you cannot imagine.

Breathe and consider how it could be different for you and yours this year. Define’ enough’ for you and try it on for size. Most of all………sustain the Joy.