The Nia Technique: An Introductory Retreat

Date: Friday September 24, Arrival between 5:00-6:00 Depart Sunday September 26 after lunch.

Instructor: Kathi Ryan

Fees: Food, accommodations and workshop $325.00 tax included

Registration: To register for this event please email or call Kathi @902 318-541

The Nia Technique is a fitness and lifestyle practice that is designed for sustainability of the body. The Body’s Way teaches us to understand and connect with our own Body’s Way, increasing body literacy and providing a platform in which to bring this information and practice to others.

Nia has been changing bodies and lives for over 30 years and sharing this practice and the possibilities inherent in it is as rewarding as it is beneficial. The Nia practice is a persons lifeline to keeping his/her own body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, operating at full potential. Nia’s byline is Through Movement We find Health and Principle #1 of the White belt training is the Joy of Movement.

This weekend is experiential and will lay out the full foundation of the Nia practice including the Body’s Way, the 52 Moves of Nia, Five Stages of Healing, the philosophy, history and fundamentals of the practice. It will include several classes with time to explore our own bodies design and ability levels. My intention is to host a Nia White Belt Training in the fall of 2017 here in Nova Scotia. This introductory course will introduce you to a practice that is answering the need of so many who are seeking a more gentle and holistic way to keep fit. Nia is adaptable to any age or ability level and is never the same twice.

In this workshop/retreat we will be exploring what is possible in how we care for our own bodies and for those of our students if we should choose this path for ourselves. This is an opportunity to experience what well-being looks and feels like and to glimpse how becoming a Nia instructor is also a way to step into a greater leadership role around personal health and self-care.

This weekend is in a relaxed retreat setting complimented with nutritious and lovingly prepared food. There will be time to relax so as to integrate the information as well as time to network and share.

Kathi Ryan RMT is a Certified Blue Belt Nia Instructor and has been teaching Nia classes in NS for over 10 years.