The Sounds and Silence of Life Unfolding: A Weekend of Discovery and Renewal

Date: Friday September 16-Sunday September 18, 2016. Arrival between 5 and 6:00 on Friday for shared meal. Depart afternoon of Sunday.

Facilitator: Kathy Roy

Fees: Guidance, food and accommodation included  $375

Release and let go,
The tighter you grasp, the less you know.
Settle yourself amidst the questions of your heart.
It is okay if you do not know the answers.
Asking the questions sets forth motion.
You are not stuck like you think you are.
You are sitting in the very centre of emergence.
You are in the place of life unfolding.
Sit among the questions.
Relax and release your mind.
Answers float around you, waiting for a question to find.

~Kathy Roy~

Loonsong Cottage RetreatEnter a space and time for discovering something fresh and new within you during this time of listening and opening to receive guidance, insights, healing and inspiration. As we open a space for ourselves to simply experience the sacred presence within and around us, we open to the mystery of life and discover that something awaits us and longs to find its way to us, all we need to do is create the space for something new to emerge. Join Kathy Roy and Kathi Ryan on this weekend of Discovery, Connection and Community as we hold space for union and re-union with ourselves, with the Sacred Mystery of Life and each other. Woven throughout the weekend will be time for community sharing, intentional silence, and guidance for allowing what we need to come to us.

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