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This week marks a large transition for the planet and all who live on it. We moved through the 7th and final Pluto Uranus Square on the 15th and today we experience a solar eclipse just one hour after the Spring Equinox when the balance of light and dark are equal. There are those who believe that this has no effect on  humans or other life on planet. How can this be when we all have experienced the influence of the moon on the tides and on the emotions of people, especially women, who live among and with us?

Denial is a response to the dark side of fear. What we do not know or understand we instead, fear. The side effects of fear are broad and far-reaching and perpetuate the places in us that are stuck and not moving forward. Fear is the monster under the bed and the doubt in our hearts.

This particular time and the significant planetary alignments  in the heavens that we are all experiencing is giving all of us the energy we need to break free of old and outdated beliefs, about ourselves, our world, our relationships and our memories. This time is a gift in which we are supported by the Universe to create the change we want to see, in ourselves and in the world, though the turmoil and chaos that we feel and sense in and around us does not necessarily appear to you like a gift. It feels far more dangerous and foreboding than that and fraught with uncertainty.

And so it is. Change is never easy. Faith cannot be called up or ordered instantaneously just because you wish you had it. I have lived in this place of knowing that faith was required but it meant nothing to know it and not to possess it. We cling to what we know, to what is familiar, to what is safe and comfortable because who knows what is on the other side of fear?

Ask for guidance and for the strength you need. There are those that are listening and waiting for you to ask. You will know faith when it comes to you and in that faith comes the absolute knowing that you will be lovingly caught in the choices you make towards liberating yourself from old belief patterns and ways of being in this world. I am not saying it is easy but it is simple.  We are each being called to go deep into our hearts and to honor what we find there. It is a soul-call and the reason we are here.

I bless and celebrate your journey.